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November 6, 2019

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Croatian answer to Italian fascists! The Croatian Royal Council's leadership issued a warning and public condemnation of the Italian glorification of fascism and irredentism in Trieste and Rijeka.






Members of the leadership of the Croatian Royal Council (CRC), NGO sent an official statement and condemnation after yesterday's glorification of Italian fascism and irredentism by sympathizers of these ideologies, culminating in the erection of a sculpture to the fascist dictator Gabriele D'Annunzio in Trieste and the flag of disgraced irredentist Kingdom of Italy and the fascist Italian regency of Carnaro in the Croatian city of Rijeka. The leadership of the Croatian Royal Council strongly condemned this barbaric act of glorifying fascist and irredentist occupation of the city of Rijeka. By which the organization announced to send a requests for distance and condemnation of these shameful acts in Trieste and Rijeka to the Italian Government, the former ruling Italian Savoy (Savoia) family, representatives of the Italian minority in Croatia and to various associations that inherit good Croatian-Italian relations.



The mentioned happened on the 100th anniversary of the occupation of the free city-port of Rijeka, when 2000 Italian fascists, together with Gabriele D'Annunzio, entered the old Croatian port city of Rijeka and proclaimed the first fascist state in Europe, the Italian Regency of Carnaro. Whose new Duce (leader or führer) become the fascist ideologist and poet Gabriele D'Annunzio. This move is the first step for the Italian occupation of Rijeka, as well as for the famous Mussolini's March on Rome, which will make the irredentist Kingdom of Italy a fascist creation with Benito Mussolini as the Duce and Prime Minister, all under the scepter of the monarcho-fascist and usurper king Vittorio Emanuel III.





 Erection of a sculpture to Fascist leader Gabriele D'Annunzio in the former Free Imperial and Royal City-Port of Trieste (source: Facebook)



U proglasu HKRV stoji: Povodom tužne godišnjice okupacije Trsta i Rijeke, te posebice D'Annunzijeve okupacije Rijeke i stvaranje prve fašističke marionetske tvorevine na tlu Europe, koja je nastupila 12. rujna 1919. godine. Kada je talijanski fašistički i iredentistički vođa Gabriele D'Annunzio s 2000 talijanskih batinaša okupirao slobodnu luku Rijeku i proglasio se Duceom Kvarnera. Taj sramotan čin protiv mira biva prvom fašističkom okupacijom na tlu Europe, koja će uslijediti i konačnim pripajanjem Rijeke i Trsta od strane iredentističke Italije. Kroz cijelo razdoblje okupacije grada Rijeke, njegovo autohtono hrvatsko stanovništvo biva izloženo etničkoj diskriminaciji, progonima, talijanizaciji i ubojstvima. Sramotno je vidjeti da je u Trstu, nekoć slobodnoj carskoj i kraljevskoj luci je podignut spomenik fašističkom diktatoru  Gabrielu D'Annunziju. Kao i u Rijeci, starom hrvatskom gradu i luci, od strane fašističkih simpatizera podignuta zastava sramotne iredentističke Kraljevine Italije i fašističke Talijanske regencije Kvarnera.


Proclamation of the Croatian Royal Council: On the sad occasion of the anniversary of the occupation of Trieste and Rijeka, and in particular D'Annunzio's occupation of Rijeka and the creation of the first fascist puppet state on European soil, which occurred on 12th September 1919. When the Italian fascist and irredentist leader Gabriele D'Annunzio occupied the free port-city of Rijeka with 2000 fascist thugs and declared himself the Duce of the Carnaro. This shameful act against peace is the first fascist occupation in Europe, which will be followed by the final annexation of Rijeka and Trieste by the irredentist Kingdom of Italy. Throughout the entire occupation of the city of Rijeka, its indigenous Croatian population has been exposed to ethnic discrimination, persecution, Italianization and murder. It is shameful to see that a monument to the fascist dictator Gabriel D'Annunzi has been erected in Trieste, once a free imperial and royal port. As in Rijeka, the old Croatian port-city, the flag of the infamous irredentist Kingdom of Italy and the fascist Italian Regency of Carnaro was raised by fascist sympathizers.

Proclamation of the Croatian Royal Council, further textThe Croatian Royal Council, an organization which brings together Croatian citizens in the aim of preserving the (millennial) heritage of Croatian kingdoms, principalities and banovinas (banates), strongly condemns this act of glorifying Italian fascism and irredentism. As an association which in 2018 issued a proclamation in which it condemned and banned totalitarian regimes, it will in accord submit a request for condemnation and dissociation from this acts to the Italian Government, the former royal family of Italy (Savoy) , representatives of the Italian minority in Croatia and various  Croatian-Italian associations  which tend to good relations between the countries. It is hereby noted that all members of the Croatian Royal Council are forbidden to cooperate with organizations that glorify, sympathize, deny or downplay totalitarian regimes of the 20th century, all subject to exclusion from the organization. In doing so, the Croatian Royal Council, NGO, sets up its place next to other civic organizations that actively participate in the lustration of all totalitarian regimes and strongly condemns any promotion of the ideologies of communism, socialism, national-socialism, monarcho-fascism and fascism in general.



Italian fascists and sympathizers pose with the flag of the irredentist Kingdom of Italy and the fascist Italian Regency of Carnaro in front of the former Governor's Palace in the Croatian city of Rijeka (source: Twitter)



This event is not the first of its kind, recently more Italian fascist and irredentist provocations have been seen. Recently Italian irredentists hoisted an Italian flag on the fort above the Croatian city of Rijeka. It is sad to see that the Croatian authorities, and especially the city authorities in Rijeka which promotes pluralism, are in no way contributing to the reduction of such Italian provocations. One interesting fact, during this year, at the scientific symposium organized by the Croatian Orthodox Church, for the first time in decades a historic Croatian Royal flag could be seen. The same Royal maritime flag which the famous ship Enrica hoisted, the ship which was build in Rijeka in 1868. Thus the historic Croatian Royal maritime flag used since 1848 could be once again seen in this famous Croatian port-city after 1918 and thus give an answer to further illegal attempts of Italianisation and fascization of Rijeka. With this act, the Croatian monarchists and other patriots, have shown that they are the forebearers of the  Croatian patriotic thought and act, especially when the city authorities do not show sufficient resistance to Italianization and fascization of this famous Croatian port-city.



Croatian Monarchists and patriots with the historic Croatian Royal Maritime Flag in Rijeka (source: CRC)
































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