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November 6, 2019

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Official condolences of the Croatian Royal Council to HE the Governor-General of New Zealand and the people of New Zealand after the radical terrorist attack





The leadership of the Croatian Royal Council, NGO sent its expressions of condolences and support to Her Excellency The Right Honourable Dame Patricia Lee Reddy, Governor-General of New Zealand in the name of Her Royal Majesty Queen Elisabeth II and her subjects, the people and nation of New Zealand.


On this occasion of the terrorist attack which resulted in the parish of the innocent people, citizens of New Zealand by the terrorist Brenton Tarrant who was influenced by extremist ideologies such as the Serbian monarchofascist chetnik radicalism.


The members of the Croatian Royal Council stated that we as members of a nation which suffered aggression under that ideology, which committed unseen violence and the first genocide on European soil since the Second World War, correlate with the people of New Zealand and hope that such violent ideology will no longer inspire people to commit such terrible acts of terror.


The leadership stated that Human life is above all a sacred value which can not be determined and attacked on views of religious differences. As your nation will slowly starts to recover we send our condolences and moral support to all the families which lost their loved ones.


The terrorist attack was committed by a radical terrorist from Australia, Brenton Tarrant (28), who was influenced by radical and violent ideologies, such as the Serbian monarcho-fascist chetnik ideology which was responsible for numerous crimes, ethnic and religious cleansing and genocide during the 20th century. The terrorist posted a video and manifest were he among other influences posted Serbian war criminals that inspired him for this act of terror. In the self posted video of the terror attack he could be seen under the influence of such radical Serbo-chetnik music which played and glorified killings of Croatian Catholics and Bosniak Muslim, just before he entered the mosque and started shooting at the people present there. Dozens of people were injured and 49 were killed, among which, even children where included. This hate terror crime committed against people of other religion was a result of personal hate as well as indoctrination to a couple of radical views and movements, among which the most notorious was the the Serbian monarcho-fascist chetnik ideology which was responsible for the only Genocide committed on European soil after the Second World War. 


The Croatian Royal Council was one of the first organizations to completely ban any relationships with organizations and persons which support or praise radical ideologies and movements, as well as proponents, symbols, radicals and war criminals associated with does movements. You can learn more on the decree and proclamation on radical ideologies and movements
























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