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November 6, 2019

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Poll on Constitutional changes, 41,6% Croats would support a Monarchy, rather then a Republic!




In a questionnaire that was published, with a question being; In the event of a constitutional change in Croatia, which type of government would you support? Out of 1759 people who participated in the poll, 1027 (58.4%) voted for a Constitutional Parliamentarian Republic, while 732 (41.6%) voted for a Constitutional Parliamentarian Monarchy.








The poll was made as an open one and published online and shared on social media, to be more objective it was published in more then thirty groups within social networks. The same groups were of a different profiles from the classical political right-center-left ideology, to different regional affiliations and indications. The duration of the survey was 32 days, while the number of participants amounted to 1759 persons. The question was shaped in the form of a change of the Constitution itself, while the offered answers were the Republic of Croatia (parliamentary and constitutional republic) and the Kingdom of Croatia (parliamentary and constitutional monarchy).









Short analysis:

The poll showed that Croats tend to be more a traditional society, which reflects its history since Croatia until the second half of the 20th century was during its millennial history all ways a monarchy. The statehood itself of Croatia is built upon Croatian Principalities and the Kingdom of Croatia which lasted from 925 until 1918 (first monarch being King Tomislav I and the last blessed King Karlo IV). Other reasons include a large number of Catholics and traditionalism in regards of religion which favors monarchy and tradition, opposite to a republic, which has its roots in the totalitarian Socialist Republic of Croatia. Other main contemporary reasons include a bad image of a Republic, as a corrupt system of government in which hundreds of thousands of Croats have left the country due to unemployment and low living standards, as direct result of bad government policy. This crisis of democracy he brought many people to seek out other alternatives, among which monarchy stands out. Since the Monarch is raised for his office and not elected, he represents the whole people and not just the ones who elected him, or interest groups which supported him. Monarchy being a more cost cost efficient and cheaper then republics has brought a more wide support for it as well, specially having in mind that most developed countries in Europe are in fact monarchies. 














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