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The Croatian Royal Council is an organisation which brings together citizens and nobles who support the preservation and development of our millennial heritage and history of Croatian Kingdoms, Principalities and Banovinas (Banates). Preserving our noble, civil, national and regional culture, tradition and art. The name is based on the historical Royal Council of the Kingdom of Dalmatia, Croatia and Slavonia (Latin: Consilium Regium Croaticum) which was founded in 1767. The organisation is based in the capital city of Zagreb and has regional branches all over Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The goals of the Croatian Royal Council are to promote and preserve out millennial heritage and history of our Kingdoms, Principalities and Banovinas (Banates), which are witnesses of the continuity of Croatian statehood. The preservation of Croatia's historical and cultural heritage. Development of culture through working in the fields of visual, dramatic, musical and film art. Development and publishing in the fields of history, genealogy, heraldry and vexillology. To promote physical exercise and sports. Cooperation with National and State organisations and governmental bodies. Cooperation with similar nobility and monarchist organisations, institutions and associations around the World, which bare the same interests and views. 

Contact: ​stol.tajnistvo.hkrv@gmail.com

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Croatian Royal Council

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